Who we are

Let us impress you with more than just quality – style and design too.

Here at Ibis Eye, innovation is our main concern. This is what we try to achieve with every new project and according to our clients, we do it pretty well. Two projects are never the same in structure. But this is not all. We make sure your building – be it commercial or residential – will never look like another one, but it will stand out in the crowd.

We design everything from scratch. We brainstorm ideas and solutions to ensure that your design will impress anyone who looks at it.

When done, your project will look like it has just arrived from another world – and the look on your face is what makes us go on.

Safety is often a hidden aspect, but it actually represents our main goal in the process.

Each of our buildings follows the same set of quality standards. They are earthquake and storm resistant, so weather will never bother you. There are no risks associated with our work, so you can leave yourself in professional hands.

This is what we do – we take an empty lot or an old building and turn it into a futuristic innovation that will last you forever. We want our design to look good in your eyes and make you feel proud. At the same time, we consider your safety and comfort too. When it comes to comfort, your options are countless and will always be taken into consideration.

This is when our interior design professionals kick in to ease your job. Once into your house, you will feel like you belong there. You will feel comfortable in every corner of every room, not to mention the overall appearance.